Hydroseeding Home Business

If you are looking for a home business that can be run by one person you may want to check out the hydroseeding business. You can do this business from home with a trailer mounted machine that can fit in most garages. Sometimes you can find a lightly used machine for less then half of what a new machine would cost. It seems that some people try this business and then get out. However this can be a great money making business if done correctly. Learn how to mix the grass seed and mulch up correctly before you go out on a job. This will save you a lot of frustration over a clogged up machine is front of your customer.

Below is some information to read to see if this is something you would want to entertain as your home business. Hydroseeding is work but you do get paid good. On a $3,000 job more then half is profit. Your total time spent will be around 8 hours in total, give or take 4 hours one way or the other. Main thing is you do not want to get a heavy rain during or shortly after doing the job. You may also need to come back to do some touch up work to areas where the grass did not grow.

NOTE: My son has a hydroseed business in Louisiana he is just starting. The information for this article I got from talking with him. I am hoping he will name his business Baton Rouge Louisiana Hydroseeding or SE LA Hydroseed.

How To Hydroseed

Hydroseeding is the combination of mulch, seed, plant fiber, fertilizer and water to form a slurry which is sprayed across soil to facilitate easy and quick lawn grown across large surface. The mixture holds onto the soil, creating a protecting top-coat which allows moisture retention for proper seed growth. The process offer flexibility for business and home owners in need of different seed varieties while being environmentally responsible. Hydroseeding may be used in fresh construction projects or to replace previous expired lawns.

Hydroseeding Tips

Proper care is necessary for a healthy, beautiful and durable lawn. If the process is properly undertaken; from the spaying of slurry to the lawn grown, the properly established lawn can result in 3-4 weeks. Undertaking regular watering, mowing and fertilizing is necessary for proper lawn growth and establishment.

During warm weather, watering your lawn twice daily; preferably before sunrise and after sunset is healthy. Keeping your yard moist shall maximize seed germination. While watering the lawn, avoid walking on already wet area to avoid disturbing the mulch mat. Therefore, watering regularly and protecting the seedlings from drying out shall ensure a beautifully grown lawn that will color and light up your environment.

Once the lawn is 3 feat tall, mowing can be undertaken. Set an initial high mower height and lower gradually. Try mowing 1/3 of the lawn at a time to avoid hindering its establishment. Mowing encourages growth & increases lawn thickness. 

Thou the slurry contained traces of phosphorous fertilizer, adding nitrogenous manual to your lawn after a month is encouraged to facilitate proper growth. Phosphorous manual stimulates root growth during the early stages while nitrogenous fertilizer stimulates a vigorous and healthy top growth. Therefore, using a phosphorous fertilizer as a starter and feeding the lawn regularly with a nitrogenous fertilizer is key towards a healthy, beautiful and durable lawn.

In Closing

This is just enough information to get you interested in maybe doing this as a home business. You need to do much more research to see if this would be something you would want to do in the area of the country you are located in. The hydroseed business is not for everyone but it might be right for you.